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Destaclean presents the next generation of recycled composite products for construction

Destaclean Oy presented the first recycled products developed from construction waste – i.e. recycled composite products. This is the first time any company in the world has manufactured products of this kind. The Destaclean® wood stones have been released to the markets. Some 30% of these wood stones intended for yard construction and landscaping consist of recycled and processed construction waste wood. The company's aim is to manufacture products that are made of 100% recycled materials. consist of recycled and processed construction waste wood. The company's aim is to manufacture products that are made of 100% recycled materials.

Destaclean's products are also the latest example of Finnish Cleantech expertise. They were created with partial funding from the Green Growth programme of the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes). Destaclean Oy has focused on the collection of construction and packaging waste materials and the innovative development of their recycling processes in cooperation with experts in the field. The recycled composite is an entirely new product innovation for recycling construction waste, both in Finland and on a global scale.

Lightness is one of the advanced features of Destaclean® Wood Stone. The picture shows from left Matti Hallinen, partner and Director of Sales, Reino Partanen, partner and Chairman of the Board and Kimmo Rinne, Managing Director

“The Destaclean® concept produces recycled material processed from construction waste, and we use it to develop advanced products for the benefit of construction and the environment”, says Kimmo Rinne, Managing Director at Destaclean. The Destaclean® product innovation is Destaclean Oy's strategic and environmentally friendly solution for recycling waste materials. It is in line with the recycling goals defined by the EU for construction waste. The EU Waste Framework Directive requires all member countries to recycle 70% of all construction and demolition waste for use as materials. Incineration is not regarded as recycling.

Destaclean is in the process of applying for an EU-wide patent for the processing of construction waste into recycled composite raw materials (Recovered hydraulic composite material and method for production thereof). Also the trademark applications for Destaclean brands are in the process.



Funding from Tekes Green Growth

The Destaclean recycled composite project was part of the Tekes' five-year Green Growth – the Road to a Sustainable Economy programme. Destamatic has received project funding from Tekes. Tekes is the most important publicly funded expert organisation for financing research, development and innovation in Finland. We boost wide-ranging innovation activities in research communities, industry and service sectors. ( The main theme of the Green Growth programme is attaining sustainable economic growth and using natural resources in an efficient and responsible manner. The programme seeks innovations that significantly improve material, resource and energy efficiency and lay the foundation for the development of new joint green growth ventures. The aim is to generate permanent economic growth in Finland. The Green Growth programme funds companies and joint ventures that have the potential to grow in the field of resource-efficient and sustainable economy. Over the course of the five-year programme (2011–2015), some €80 million in project funding will be distributed, half of which will come from Tekes and half from private businesses. Companies are welcome to apply for the funding at any time. The programme is targeted at Finnish SMEs with the hunger to grow and aim for the international markets, and the desire to further develop their operations through joint ventures focused on sustainable economy.



Genuine recycling of construction waste

“With the Destaclean® concept, we have developed the first solution in Finland for genuine recycling which is necessitated by the current waste hierarchy, and which is exactly the significant step that was required by the Finnish waste legislation”, Chairman of the Board Reino Partanen says. “The Destaclean paving stones and kerbstones are made of cement, wood fibre, natural stone and water. We call this product cement composite, which means that the name is derived from the binding material. If the binding material was plastic, the end product would be called plastic composite. In other words, a variety of recycled raw materials processed from construction waste can be used”, Partanen clarifies.

Destaclean is developing new composite yard construction and landscaping products made of recycled materials to serve as alternatives for traditional concrete stones. In the early stages, the composite products will be manufactured on the current concrete stone production lines, which limit the proportion recycled material to approx. 30%. However, a recycled composite mixture can contain up to 50–60% of wood fibre. Compared to equally-sized concrete stones, the Destaclean® composite paving stones yield significant benefits in transport costs and installation, since they weigh 30% less.

“To take full advantage of the Destaclean® concept as quickly as possible, we are looking for partners in the Finnish and EU markets for producing the recycled composite raw materials and products”, Partanen says. He encourages companies to get involved in the cooperation so as to mobilize the concept as efficiently as possible.


Destaclean Oy is a material recycling company established in 1998. Its goal is to promote material recycling in accordance with the Finnish waste legislation by developing useful recycled materials and products. The company's operations cover the entire construction waste recycling chain, from waste collection and processing to the recycling of materials. The company operates in three locations in Southern Finland. Destaclean Oy's turnover for 2017 stands at approx. €10 million and it employs 22+20 people.


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